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04 Jul, 2023 Posted by - Admin

Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment: Should I Invest in Crypto?

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that lives on a blockchain. Wait, let us try again. Cryptocurrencies are virtual assets that are powered by a decentralized ledger called blockchain. These cryptocurrencies are secured via cryptography and managed by a group of computers called nodes. Nodes are typically spread across the globe, making cryptocurrencies immune to a single point of failure and hence resilient against authorities.

And since these cryptocurrencies are decentralized to the extent that even the founders cannot influence the course of its progression, they are truly democratic in nature. Being permissionless, anyone can opt to become a node and hence have a say in the project’s overall direction.

So far so good? While cryptocurrency is definitely a technological marvel, there is this overlap with the finance world which makes it so lucrative. Bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency, evolved as digital gold, while Ethereum is changing the way applications are built. These cryptocurrencies are emerging as a great tool for someone looking to invest in innovations with immense growth prospects. 

Is It Safe to Invest in Cryptocurrency & What Are Its Pros and Cons?

Cryptocurrency, just like any other asset class, has risks associated with it. But with high risk comes high reward. In the past decade, top cryptocurrencies have outperformed all major financial markets. Moreover, at this moment, it is hard to ignore them. 

So why not understand the pros and cons behind investing in cryptocurrency so that you can leverage this disruption?

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